D.C. Everest Area School District

The "Rapid Engagement Employment Program" is a partnership between D.C.Everest Area School District and IBA Resources, LLC.  It is geared towards transition-aged youth who wish to pursue community-based, competitive employment.  The program is most commonly utilized when a student has previously sought DVR assistance unsuccessfully or the students support team has identified that the DVR funding system/timeline is not in the best interest of the student.  

The Rapid Engagement Employment Program builds upon and strengthens the existing services available for D.C.Everest students.  The model provides students with seamlessly coordinated transition between services received in the classroom and in pre-employment settings provided at DCE and within the community via IBA Resources. 

D.C.Everest identifies potential students for participation in the Rapid Engagement Employment Program based on teacher assessment, vocational training engagement, and student enthusiasm for community employment.  IBA Resources meets with each prospective student to complete an in-person interview and assessment.  Collaboratively, during these assessments, potential barriers to community employment (transportation, physical accessibility, scheduling conflicts, etc.) are identified and the entire support team works together to develop strategies to overcome them. 

Upon acceptance into the program, IBA Resources works closely with students on all aspects of job development services.  DCE takes the lead in providing the educational component of work skills training in the classroom and keeps IBA Resources apprised of successes, additional needs, and newly identified barriers.  IBA Resources takes the lead to develop working relationships with employers and establishing individualized employment opportunities.  Part of establishing these opportunities includes identifying and arranging logistics for on-the-job support (as needed) in community employment positions in addition to development of natural supports/relationships at community employers.

Throughout the Rapid Engagement Employment Program, there is consistent contact between IBA Resources, DCE staff, students/support teams, and community employers to evaluate employment site appropriateness and adequacy of student efforts in their pursuit of community employment.