Ticket To Work (TTW)

IBA Independence Employment Network will assess beneficiary‚Äôs seeking Ticket to Work (TTW) services to determine job seeker skills, abilities, functional limitations, educational and employment background, interests, etc.  This information is used to determine whether the services the IBA Independence Employment Network offers are a good match with the job seekers vocational goals and service needs.

The services IBA Independence Employment Network provides under the TTW Program are individualized to meet the needs of each job seeker based on their chosen employment goal and service needs.  All TTW participants should ultimately have the goal of working at a level which will result in the cessation of cash benefits while becoming economically self-sufficient.

Periodic check-ins by the Social Security Administration (SSA), called Continuing Disability Reviews (CDR), occur on cycles of 3, 5, or 7 years.  These reviews are used to determine if an SSI/SSDI recipient meets eligibility requirements for the benefit programs to continue.  While working with IBA Independence Employment Network, job seekers will not be required to participate in these reviews.

By agreeing to assign your Ticket and participate in the TTW Program, job seekers are agreeing to make a steady effort to achieve these aims.  Additionally, participants are expected to provide evidence of earnings (and/or proof of timely progress toward working off of benefits) to IBA Independence Employment Network, or consent to have the IBA Independence Employment Network contact their employer to obtain such evidence.

Our role is to do all we can to help you reduce and ultimately eliminate your dependency on disability benefits and to earn a better living. Services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Vocational Counseling and Guidance
  • Job Development and Placement Assistance
  • Skills Training
  • Systematic Instruction/Job Coaching
  • Transportation Services
  • Referral to Assistive Technology and Rehabilitation Technology Services
  • Benefits Counseling/PASS Plan Creation

You will not be penalized if you cannot become fully self-supporting. However, if you decide to use your Ticket, you must make a commitment to try your best to achieve these goals:

  • You can start out working part time during the first 9 months but should have a goal to become self-supporting in time.
  • You should work towards having earnings each month which are greater than what Social Security Administration considers trial work period level (2021 - $910) or more by at least the 10th month after you start working.
  • You should also have a goal to earn at least substantial gainful activity (2021 ~ $1260) or more a month after your first year of work.

The Ticket program is not a good fit for every disability beneficiary. But, if you are committed to trying to work, we are here to provide you the services and supports to help you to do so.