About Us

IBA Resources Office ~ Downtown Wausau

The IBA Resources office located at 330 Grand Avenue in Wausau is fully accessible and confidential. We welcome you to join us in one of our private conference rooms or to utilize the computer and printing stations.

If you prefer to meet at a different community-based location, please let us know! We will work with you to ensure you are comfortable in the setting of your choice.

Finding us via the Wausau Bus System

(Metro Ride)

Metro Ride Bus

To find the IBA Resources office via the Wausau Area Transit System (WATS)/Metro Ride, use Route A.

The closest bus stop is located at the Social Security Administration office/St. Mary’s Catholic Church. From this stop, you would walk approximately 1/2 block north towards Kwik Trip convenience store.

There is another bus stop located at the southeast corner of Plumber Street and Grand Avenue. From this stop, you would cross Grand Avenue heading west towards Kwik Trip Convenience Store, then walk 1/2 block south towards the Social Security Administration building.


Meeting Virtually

IBA Resources team members have access to many virtual platforms such as Zoom, WebEx, and Microsoft TEAMS. If you prefer to meet virtually, please let us know ~ we are happy to accommodate your preferences.

Get in Touch

(888) 206 6028