Systematic Instruction/Job Coaching

Systematic Instruction/Job Coaching is the planning and implementation of individualized training for a job.  Steps include using the Job and Task Analysis (see definition below) to identify the work routine and instructional strategies that will allow the employee to complete their job tasks successfully.  Progress is monitored and strategies are modified using a step-by-step approach including positive and constructive communication with the employee.

The duration of these services varies depending on the needs of each employee.  The services are intended to fade as the employee learns and performs the job tasks satisfactorily.  Other employment supports, including assistive technology and natural supports, will be used in conjunction to ensure the greatest success possible.

Job and Task Analysis

This service is two-fold:

A Job Site Analysis is the study of a specific job that is conducted by observing the worksite and someone performing the job to identify the tasks and duties that make up the job.  If possible, IBA Resources team members will perform the job ourselves to gain understanding of what the job requires.  A review of the work environment will include information for the employee about work pacing, noise, temperature, work schedules, workplace communications, and expectations.  If necessary, IBA Resources may also identify outside workplace training that may be needed to successfully maintain employment.

A Task Analysis is the process of breaking down each work task into smaller components to allow the tasks to be presented to the employee in teachable steps.  IBA Resources will assist in identifying initial training strategies that can be used to teach the employee their job.  These strategies will be modified as the employee learns the job and becomes more independent.

The task analysis will also identify natural supports in the workplace that may assist with job performance and retention.  Natural supports can involve people (co-workers and supervisors), procedures, customs, tools, and benefits that are typically available in the workplace.