Benefits Analysis/Work Incentive Counseling

For job seekers with a disability, work incentives and benefits information are essential parts of getting and keeping a job.  Understanding the options and possibilities can help make an informed decision about going to work.

What is Benefits Analysis/Work Incentive Counseling? 

It is a process that provides information needed for making informed decisions about work.  It helps a job seeker understand how earnings may affect disability payments, healthcare, or other publicly funded benefits. 

Why is Benefits Counseling needed?

Many people with a disability want to work, earn more money, or start a career.  One of the biggest obstacles is the fear that doing so will lead to a loss of necessary medical benefits or even a loss in total income.  Many incentives are available that make it possible to earn more while keeping needed benefits.  Work incentives benefits counseling can help an individual make important life-changing decisions! 

You might need Work Incentive Benefits Counseling when you are…

  • Considering working for the first time
  • Considering increasing earnings (promotion; wage increase; additional hours)
  • Considering re-entering the workforce
  • Developing a career plan or planning for post-secondary schooling 
  • Having problems with current benefits

How does Work Incentive Benefits Counseling work?

An IBA Resources Work Incentive Counselor will work closely with job seekers to wade through the complexities to make informed decisions regarding the impact of work on their benefits. 

An analysis will be provided of a job seekers’ services and benefits and how income from work will change their case benefit payments, medical coverage, and continued eligibility.