Explore Work Training

Explore Work Training is a web-based learning program that covers topics critical to a successful career outcome.  The modules are geared toward youth but may be helpful for adults as well.  Individualized sessions are delivered virtually.  Skills are taught using a variety of activities that are engaging and targeting to the youth or adult learner.  Each course is broken into lessons which are recommended to last approximately one (1) hour.  IBA Resources will work with job seekers to adjust lesson timeframes depending on the engagement and attention of the individual learner.  The intention of spacing out the curriculum is to allow for the job seeker to absorb and use the material.

There are five (5) training sessions available:

  1. Career Planning & Job Exploration Counseling
  2. Work-Based Learning
  3. Post-Secondary Educational Opportunities
  4. Self-Advocacy
  5. Job Readiness Training