Student Work Based Learning Training

Opportunities or experiences outside of the traditional school setting that are provided to students wishing to explore employment in an integrated, community employment environment.  The knowledge and skills learned will connect real-life work and future career opportunities to in-school lessons and education.  Direct employer involvement is an essential component for long-term engagement of the students.

Services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Identification of job goals and barriers to employment
  • Resume, cover letter, and reference Development
  • Assistance seeking and completing business tours, informational interviews, and completing applications
  • Identifying sustainable transportation options
  • Interview practice
  • Accompanied or unaccompanied employer job shadows
  • Assistance in completion of applications and employer contact
  • Registration on job search sites
  • Outreach to potential employers regarding:
    • Tax Credits
    • Fidelity Bonding
    • Training
    • Accommodations
  • Onsite or virtual job analysis
  • Identification, modification, and elimination environmental barriers to successful employment
  • Aid in assistive technology or rehabilitation engineering consultation